Sector services for investment promotion

Pre-investment service, includes services offered to a foreign investors before investment process has made in Kosovo, by offering services as:

  • Assistance and advice on how to start a new business in Kosovo;
  • Assistance in business registration procedures;
  • Assistance during the application process for obtaining necessary permit and license for your business;   
  • Organize meetings with local and central institutions, as well as with local and foreign businesses;
  • Finding an ideal location for establishing your business.

Investment phase, incudes the investment process when to the company is offered the following services:

  • Assistance on finding real-estate for setting your business; 
  • Assist in application and placement of your business into economic zones and business incubators;
  • Provide information on specific sectors, different projects and potential partners, with whom you can collaborate.

After care services, includes the company that has already invested in Kosovo, but still need additional services. After care service is a support provided by KIESA in this regard. In this phase invested foreign company can use the following services:

  • After care service (care offered to investors after the investment has made).
  • Facilitate meeting organization and participation in B2B meetings and conferences;
  • Inform you about new changes in laws, taxes and other additional information.