Sector of wood processing industry

The sector of wood processing and furniture industry is one of the sectors in which is invested in technology and manufacturing capacity building by the companies themselves as well as from donor institutions, and thus consolidating this sector. Companies from this sector except that they cover the requirements of the local market, they are penetrating the regional and EU markets with specific products. It is important to note that this sector- wood processing companies have established cooperation with prestigious companies from EU countries for designing the products, which demonstrates the level of achievement that domestic companies have reached in competition with imported products from this sector.

According to TAK, in 2013, out of the total of 21.615 registered businesses in Kosovo, 565 businesses operate in the wood sector. Wood processing is mainly dominated by micro and small businesses.

Figure 1: Distribution of businesses by size

According to the TAK database, 44% of businesses produce kitchens, furniture and other wood products (35% produce kitchens and furniture and 9% produce other wood products, Figure 4). More than 40% of companies from wood sector produce carpentry materials for construction and furniture, whereas sawmill and folding wood and wood impregnation are less present activities among the wood sector companies.

Figure 2: Spread out of businesses by main activities