Sector of metal processing industry

Manufacture of metal

Manufacture of metal includes the activities of smelting and/or refining ferrous and nonferrous metals from ore, pig or scrap, using electrometallurgical and other process metallurgic techniques. It also involves the manufacture of metal mixtures and super-mixtures by introducing other chemical elements into the pure metals.

Sub-sector of the Metal manufacturing is characterized by a small group of large enterprises (traditional industries developed in Kosovo before 1990s, most of which have already been privatized), which consist of the majority of manufacturing, exports and employment. Enterprises of this sub-sector exploit Kosovo's rich resources of metal ores (e.g. nickel) to produce base metals that are commonly exported, manufacture of end products (steel tubes, steel pipes, heat radiators, galvanized steel products, etc.).

In this sub-sector, the largest number of registered enterprises are micro and small enterprises, most of which deal with the manufacture of metal constructions and products used in the construction industry. Also, a large number of enterprises have the manufacture of metal components, through processing activity powder metallurgy, treatment and coating of metals, and manufacture of precious metal products, yarns and aluminium.

In 2019, the sub-sector "Metal manufacturing” has 93 enterprises with 1,110 employees and an annual turnover of 90.55 million euros.

The sub-sector "Manufacture of metal", in the region of Prishtina, has the highest number of employees with 85.69% in 31 enterprises and an annual turnover of 90.78%. Prizren region has 15.05% enterprises with 3.82% employees and an annual turnover of 2.28%. Gjakova region has 13.98% enterprises, 2.36% employees and an annual turnover of 0.47%, and the Ferizaj region has a similar number of enterprises, 13.98%, with 1.85% employees and a turnover of 3.57%

The value of exports to the sub-sector "Metal manufacturing” is 75.87 million euros. Exports to EU countries are 27.27%, to CEFTA countries 27.76%, to EFTA countries 1.89% and to other countries 43.08%. Exports of the sub-sector "Metal manufacturing” are mostly made to India with 43.03%, Italy with 17.99% and Albania with 10.78%. Exports to EU countries, in 2019, in this sub-sector, are worth 20.69 million euros and have recorded a high increase of over 100%, compared to the previous year.

Table 28. Presents export data in sub-sector (24) Metal manufacturing, at 3-digit level

Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

This sub-sector includes the processing of metal products turning them into final products such as: knives, gloves, cylinders, various tools, screwdrivers, wire and some other products.

Metal manufacturing enterprises are almost entirely privately owned and are spread throughout Kosovo, most of which are in the Prishtina region. These enterprises employ about 8.85% of employees in Kosovo. The enterprises of this sub-sector are mainly owned by men, as only 5.3% of the labour force are women and 7% of the companies are women shareholders.

In 2019 sub-sector "Manufacture of fabricated metal products", has 2,494 employees in 581 companies with turnover worth EUR 105.62 million.

In 2019, sub-sector “Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment”, has recorded an increase in exports by 9.19% and in imports by 1.82%, compared to 2018.

Table 30. Export in mother-manufacturing sector of fabricated metal products


Total value of exports to the sub-sector “Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment” is 23.45 million euros. Exports to EU countries are 40.36%, to CEFTA countries, 30.78%, to EFTA countries 21.20% and other countries 7.66%

In the framework of sub-sector “Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment”, activity "Manufacture of metal structures" leads in exports with 42%, followed by activity "Manufacture of other metal products" with 39.65%.


Source: Department of Industry/Ministry of Trade and Industry

Report 2019 - Sector C - Manufacturing industry