Sector of information technology

ICT-BPO-CSC sector is a sector with potential for youth employment and development of innovation, which could help the economic development of Kosovo in the long term aspect. Currently, in this sector there are 220 registered companies, among which 120 are considered to be active. On the basis of responses received from businesses that stated that they operate in the sector of BPO and/or CSC, it can be said that approximately 20% of businesses are directly involved in this sector. Most businesses in the ICT field provide products or services related to telecommunications, advising on hardware, advising on software and on supply, and are engaged in other activities related to the computer world. The most significant positive changes in this sector activity are observed in i) training, certification and consultancy, ii) software development and programming, and iii) provision of internet services. In terms of geographical distribution, 45% of companies are located in the municipality of Prishtina, while 84.5% of them have fewer than 10 employees. In addition, 87% of ICT companies are fully owned by Kosovars, whereas most of them are individual businesses.

The majority of companies in ICT sector are micro and small businesses. According to the TAK database, 84.5% are micro businesses, 12.7% are small, 2.4% are mid-sized, 0.4% are large-sized companies.

Figure 1: Classification of businesses by size (number of employees)

From analysis of the STIKK survey related to business activities within the ICT sector, there are some changes that reflect some small movement within the industry.

Table 1: Business activity