Sector of plastic and rubber processing industry

Based on the data disaggregated on 4-digit level of NACE (Revision 2), the main activity in the sector of plastic and rubber in Kosovo is the production of plastic products for construction (NACE 2223), which constitutes 59% of the companies and includes the manufacture of doors, windows, frames, window blinds, floor coverings, etc. (Figure 1). The second activity in terms of number of business companies (19%), is the production of "other" plastic items, which, as defined in the NACE code 2229, include plastic products for kitchen, plastic parts for lighting, for office or school materials, etc.

Production of plastic items for packing/packaging, such as bottles, bags / sacks, etc. (NACE 2222) and production of plastic plates, sheets, pipes and plastic profiles (NACE 2221), which represents 9% of the other companies in this sector. The remaining 3% of companies are involved in production of interior and exterior tires of vehicles; coating and repair of tires (NACE 2211) and in production of other rubber products, such as conveyor belts, rubbers and other parts of footwear, fibres and rubber coating, etc. (NACE 2219).

Figure 1: Spread out of companies by the main activity

Similar to the rest of the private sector in Kosovo, majority of companies in the plastic and rubber sector are micro-enterprises, measured by the number of employees (Figure 4). Only 1% of companies in this sector employ 50 or more employees, but none of them are large size companies (i.e. with 250 or more employees).

Figure 2: Distribution of companies by size