Sector of plastic and rubber processing industry

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

The main products manufactured by rubber and plastic enterprises in Kosovo are: manufacture of bags, waste bags, inflatable bottles, plastic bottles, plastic pharmaceutical and jewellery boxes, plastic windows and doors, shutters, plastic pipes for water and sewage, plastic buckets, plastic packaging for yogurt, tire wrappers, rubber plastics, trapezoidal belts, conveyor belts, various rubber and plastic toys, etc.

Sub-sector "Manufacturing of rubber and plastic", in 2019, has 2,793 employees in 481 enterprises and an annual turnover of 131.06 million euros.

This sub-sector has recorded an increase in employment by 17.64% and in turnover by 14.4%.


At the regional level, the sub-activity "Manufacture of builders’ plastics ware" leads in this sub-sector in Prishtina's region with employment of 26.88% in 84 enterprises and turnover of 32.72%. Gjilan's region has 17.28% employees in 51 enterprises and a turnover of 21.34%, while Prizren's region has 16.79% employees in 55 enterprises and a turnover of 17.26%.

Export of the sub-sector "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" amounted to 155.21 million euros. In 2019, this sub-sector has increased by 10.85%, compared to 2018.

Table 26. Export in the sub-sector "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products"

The total value of exports in this sub-sector is 51.49 million euros. Exports to EU countries are 49.46%, to CEFTA countries 28.23%, to EFTA countries 14.56% and to other countries 7.75%.

In EU countries, the countries where the products of the sub-sector "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" have been exported the most are the Netherlands with 40.51%, Germany with 33.50%, Belgium with 7.9%, Bulgaria with 3.84%, etc.


Source: Department of Industry/Ministry of Trade and Industry

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