Sector of chemical industry

Manufacture of chemical products

The chemical industry is one of the important branches of the modern economy and its products are used in other sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction and services. The chemical industry is very complex with more than 200 sub-sectors, the number of products of this sub-sector reaches 1 million products.

A group of sub-sectors of the chemical industry usually has three components, which are as following:

  • Chemical industry related to the extraction and enrichment of mines and chemical raw materials - phosphate rock, sodium and potassium salts, sulphur, etc..
  • Main chemical industry, manufacture of mineral fertilizers, acids, salts, alkalis, etc..
  • Polymer industry, based mainly on organic synthesis and including the manufacture of synthetics and plastics, chemical fibers, synthetic rubber, synthetic dyes, etc.

Under the sector "Manufacture of chemical products", according to table no. 23, in 2019, has 624 employees in 85 companies, as well as an annual turnover of EUR 27.81 million.

Under the sector "Manufacture of chemical products" in the region of Prishtina, in 2019, there are 26 enterprises with 25.27% employees and turnover of 29.20%. After the region of Prishtina, Prizren is ranked with 16.90% employees in 17 enterprises and with a turnover of 14.35%. Gjilan region and Mitrovica region have the same number of enterprises with 11.76%, but with different number of employees, with 20.12% and 15.06% respectively, while in circulation Gjilan region has a share of 8.40% and Mitrovica region with 19.03 %.

 Exports in the sub-sector "Manufacture of chemical products", has increased in 2019 by 39.09% and in 2018 by 3.45%, compared to the previous year.

Out of the total number of enterprises of Sector-C, sub-sector "Manufacture of chemical products" accounts for 0.51% of exporting enterprises, while within this sub-sector, out of 85 enterprises, 27.06% are exporting ones.

Table 24. Export in sub-sector (20) manufacture of chemical products

The total value of exports to the sub-sector "Manufacture of chemical products" is 8.16 million euros. Exports to EU countries are 33.44%, to CEFTA countries 58.76%, to EFTA countries 2.02% and to other countries by 0.78%.

Exports of the sub-sector "Manufacture of chemical products" are mostly performed in Albania with 27.37%, in North Macedonia with 16.51%, and in Germany with 11.08%.


Source: Department of Industry/Ministry of Trade and Industry

Report 2019 - Sector C - Manufacturing industry