Sector of chemical industry

The chemical industry is a growing industry in Kosovo, in terms of sales as well as employment. Half of current companies were established a little more than three years ago, and are mainly concentrated in the Prishtina region. The vast majority of companies have started to export after 2010. Currently, less than one third of companies are engaged in export activities, and in total sales the export represents a symbolic part. The difference between imports and exports of chemical products is high in Kosovo; only 3% of total imports are covered by all exports in the first three quarters of 2015.

According to the same data, 103 companies, or 84% are micro enterprises with 1-9 employees; 17 or 14% are small enterprises (with 10-49 employees) and 2 last ones approximately 2% are medium- sized enterprises.

Figure 1: Companies by size in the chemical industry