Investment Environment

Legislation and Agreements 

The Legal framework is rebuild from 1999 in accordance with EU legislation.

The Law on Foreign Investment, December 2013 (Law no. 04/2013) ensures equal treatment of local and foreign investors

  • Non-discri minatory treatment
  • Constant protection and security
  • Compensation in case of nationalization and expropriation, including payment of interest
  • Compensation in case of violation of applicable law and international law attributable to Kosovo
  • Freely transferable and otherwise unrestricted use of income
  • Protection against retroactive application of laws
  • Legal or non-legal actions

Bilateral agreements are concluded with a numerous countries in regard to investment protection, as with: USA (OPIC), Austria, Turkey, Albania, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, United Arab Emirates and North Macedonia.

     Agreements provides:  

  • Investment protection and security
  • Free Funds Transfer
  • Free Profit and Dividends Repatriation
  • Protection against retroactive application of laws
  • Protection from expropriation

Establishment of a company

Registering a business in Kosovo is both simple and free-of-charge. All businesses and trade names are listed with the Registry of Business Organization and Trade Names and the basic information regarding registered companies can be transparently and freely accessed via the internet.

The business registration is done with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Business Registration Agency . KBRA operates based on an electronic data system, as a simpler process, faster, free of cost for the registration of start-up business through the connections of 29 municipal registration centres (with the possibility of increase) known as "one-stop-shop" solutions with central office of the KBRA.