The natural wealth of Kosovo represents high quality tourism resources. The mountains south of Kosovo has great potential for winter tourism. One of the most interesting is the ski resort Brezovica in the Sharr Mountains. The resort, situated between 1.700 and 2.500 m above sea level. It offers excellent weather and snow conditions, as well as long ski seasons from November to May.

Brezovica can be reached in an hour by car from both airports, from international airports Pristina (60 km) and from Skopje (70 km), and its located in the National Park of Sharr in the Republic of Kosovo, the chain of Brezovica mountains lies in 39,000 hectares of ground alpine high mountain and forest.

Also, in the Sharr Mountains in the very south of the country, bordering Macedonia and Albania, Kosovo is offering about 22.000 hectares of largely land in the mountains area, belonging to the SOE "Sharrprodhimi" for privatization.  

The region offers excellent tourism opportunities, such as skiing, eco-tourism, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking, kayaking, house riding, etc.  

The land of Dragash municipality is stunningly beautiful. It is clearly a remarkable property for eco-tourism. Other investment opportunities are Sky Center in Rugova Mountain, while Kosovo is generally rich with mountains, artificial lakes and rivers and therefore also offers possibilities for hunting and fishing.   

The widespread production of rare artisan crafts in Kosovo, such as the Filigree (silver), represents an attraction for foreign tourism.  

In addition, Kosovo has the potential to develop cultural tourism with numerous religious and other sites with extraordinary cultural and historical value.

The numerous thermal springs of Kosovo are well known in the region for their healing effects. Foreign investors in the field will find high demand in the regional and domestic market.