The process of establishment of a company

Registering a business in Kosovo is both simple and free-of-charge. All businesses and trade names are listed with the Registry of Business Organization and Trade Names and Basic information regarding registered companies can be transparently and freely accessed via internet.  

The business registration is done with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Business Registration Agency - KBRA operates based on an electronic database, as a simple, faster process for the free registration of new businesses. 

There are 29 municipal registration centres (with the possibility of increase) known as "one-stop-shop" solutions with central office of the KBRA.

The Business registration process in Kosovo is both simple and fast. For foreign investment exists the Law on Foreign Investment that ensures equal treatment of local and foreign investors. 

To run a legitimate business, foreign and local investors must register their business at the Kosovo’s Business Registration Agency, in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as one of the following types of business

1. Individual business

2. General partnership

3. Partnership

4. Limited Liabilities Companies (L.L.C)

5. Joint Stock Companies (J.S.C.)

6. Foreign Company

7. Socially owned enterprises

8. Public enterprises

9. Agricultural cooperatives

Legal Forms of Enterprises

Similar to common practices in EU countries, only certain types of businesses can be registered in Kosovo. According to the Law on Business Organization (No. 02/L-123) these types are: a single person enterprise, a general partnership, a limited liability company, a limited partnership and a joint stock company.

In accordance with the clauses of the Foreign Investment Law, foreign companies are permitted to engage in any business activity open to domestic business. Additionally, there is no restriction regarding the share of capital that foreign entities are allowed to hold. Therefore, foreign entities may establish subsidiary enterprises and branches in the same manner, and to the same extent, as similar domestic business organizations.