The telecom sector in Kosovo is provided by the Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo (PTK) and Ipko.  PTK is Social Owned Enterprise and provides various telecommunications services as services of fixed phone, as well as mobile phones services internet.


Fixed telephony- currently is consisting of 57,332 telephony lines. Furthermore, there are 328 payphones pints located in public places and post offices. There are 5 authorized operators: Telekom Kosovo, IPKO, Kujtesa.Net, Fiber Link and cones. Telecom of Kosovo covers 80.5% of the market.


Mobile network – GSM services in Kosovo currently are provided by Telecom of Kosovo (TiK) and IPKO-

a company owned by Slovenia Telecom and two licensed operators, Z-mobile virtual and D3mobile. In addition TK and IPKO offer UMTS and LTE services. ICT has over 1,018,324 users, while IPKO has reached 592.876 users. Both cover about 90% of the market.


Postal services - Besides PTK, postal services are provided by many foreign companies that operate in Kosovo, such as UPS, TNT, FEDEX, and DHL.

Internet –Kosovo has over 54 authorized providers of internet (ISP) of which four of them have a direct connection to the international network. Penetration of Internet services for houses during Q1 2016 was about 74%.

Source: Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications of Kosovo