Coming in Kosovo

How to get to Kosovo?   

To visit Kosovo you must have a valid passport. Also if you are part of this list you don’t need a visa.

While, if you need to apply for a visa, all information you can find following link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora

Residence and work permit

If you wish to work in Kosovo, you must apply for residence permit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs 


How we can travel to Kosovo?

Pristina International Airport is located 15 km in southwest of Pristina, has good connections to all major destinations of the world.

Also you can travel by road

From Albania: Vërmica, Morina and Neck Prushi

From North Macedonia: Hani i Elezit and Glloboçica

From Montenegro: Gorge Çakorit and Zhlebi

From Serbia: Merdare, Bela Zemlja, Muqibaba, Jarinje, Gazivoda