Export markets

Kosovo is located in the centre of the Balkans and has very important strategic features as it connects the countries of the region, as well as it is the gateway to the European market.

The total of exports in 2015 was EUR 325,2 million, while of imports was EUR 2,634,6 million. The export covers the import with only 12.3%.

Comparing data for trade in goods on the exports of 2015 to those of 2014, the share of exports remained almost at the same level from the previous year, with an annual growth of around 0.2%.

Kosovo's exports to EU countries amounted to EUR 106,0 million, or approximately (32.6%) of the total exports, with an increase of 8.1%. The main partners for the export of goods in EU are: Belgium with 7.5%, Italy 6.0%, Germany 3.6%, Netherlands 2.6% and Bulgaria 2.1%.

Kosovo's imports from EU countries were about EUR 1,112,8 million, or (42.2%) of total imports, with an increase of 2.9%. The largest imports came from: Germany (11.0%), Italy (8.6%), Greece (4.2%), Bulgaria (2.7%) and Poland (2.7%).

However, during 2015, exports of Kosovo with CEFTA countries amounted to EUR 123,7 million, or 38.0% of total exports, with a decline of 2.7%. The main partners for export to CEFTA countries are: Albania (12.4%), Macedonia (10.3%), Serbia (9.9%) and Montenegro (3.7%).

Meanwhile, imports from CEFTA countries in 2015 amounted to EUR 769,3 million, or 29.2% of total imports, with an increase of 6.8%. Countries with the highest participation of imports were: Serbia (14.5%), Albania (5.8%) and Macedonia (5.5%).

Kosovo's exports to other countries of the world amounted to EUR 95,4 million, or 29.4%. The most important partners of these countries for export are: India (14.5%), Switzerland (3.6%) and Turkey (2.8%).

Meanwhile, imports of Kosovo with other countries of the world amounted to EUR 752,4 million, or 28.6%. Countries with the highest participation of import in this group were: Turkey (9.6%) and China (8.8%).

Table 1. Export by countries in value

Source: Kosovo Agency of Statistics