Application procedure for establishment of an EZ

An Economic Zone shall be initiated and established based to the law on Economic Zones no. 04/L-159 and bylaws issued conform the Law for Economic Zones.  

Application procedures

1. The initiator for the establishment of the Economic Zone, initially must submit a written request at the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency, which operates within the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

 2. To the request must be attached following documents:  

  • The Act of Establishment (decision, status);
  • Justification document ( fusibility study) for establishment of the EZ;  

3. Proof or possession document letter on ownership / the utilization contract;

4. Municipal’s urban regulatory plan;

5. Approval issued by competent institutions:  

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development;
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning  – SMEs;
  • Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals;
  • Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports;  
  • Ministry of Infrastructure;  
  • Competent municipalities;

 6. Proof on public consultation that are taken;  

7. Concept Project of EZ;  

8. Investment plan;  

9. Zone’s Operation timeline;  

10. Project on Sewage treatment;

11. Project on water supply;  

12. Project on energy supply – technical solution;  

After a receiving an application request, the Agency within 60 days will review and proceed a written respond to the applicant.