Accommodation and food


Kosovo has many hotels spread throughout its territory. The hotels usually have a rating of two to four-stars and their prices range from between 30 and 150 Euro per night. The most popular hotels in the capital, in Prishtina are: Swiss Diamond Hotel, Hotel Prishtina, Hotel Baci, Hotel Pejton, Hotel Emerald, Hotel Afa, Hotel Royal, Hotel Gorenje and Hotel Sirius. The more modern hotels usually operate at full capacity. Booking prior to travelling is advised.


A good variety of meals and beverages are offered in restaurants, bistros, cafés and hotels (traditional Balkan cuisine, Italian cuisine, etc.). Furthermore, there are numerous restaurants located in Prishtina and other cities that offer international cuisine (Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, etc.). Restaurants in Vërmicë and Istog are also major attractions for their unique trout specialties.